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We provide drone solutions

Vista & Drone is your best choice for full-service photography, videography and drone services based in Miami, FL. We currently serve a variety of clients and industries, offering an impressive range of media services for the real estate industry, architecture, engineering and construction, events and many more.

We provide solutions where we can address each and every view from an aerial, exterior terrestrial and interior perspective. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, speed of delivery and customer satisfaction.


Real Estate Photos & Video Tours

In addition to real estate photography, we offer high-quality video production services to enhance the presentation of properties.

From virtual tours to video highlights, our professional team will capture every detail in an immersive and engaging way. Videos allow real estate agents to display properties in a dynamic way, which that attracts potential buyers in a unique way.

If you are looking to stand out in the real estate market with high-impact visual content, we are here to make it possible with our specialized video services.


We reach hard-to-reach places and capture critical data using drones. Small, elevated, complicated, inhospitable or contaminated spaces at the lowest possible cost

Inspect your assets for visual damage, thermal issues and leaks with our drones

Avoid costly and dangerous entry into confined spaces by leveraging the capabilities of our indoor drones

Aerial Photography

Our drones equipped with advanced technology will capture breathtaking views. Unique panoramic shots and aerial shots, highlighting the location, environment and spaciousness of the properties.

Sell faster with stunning 4K photography from a unique aerial perspective. Great for showcasing larger properties and providing visual context to surrounding neighborhoods.

Aerial Videography

From majestic property views, coastal landscapes to aerial perspectives of urban complexes, our aerial videos will add stunning visual impact.

Drone video allows us to capture the best of what you have to offer. In commercial real estate, video production, online marketing and construction, we can deliver professional and creative results.

Aerial Mapping

Drone photogrammetry involves taking multiple aerial photographs of an object or terrain, and using them to create high-resolution digitized 2D or 3D models from which precise measurements can be derived.

To ensure accuracy in drone photogrammetry, it is necessary to shoot from multiple angles.

Depending on the scale of the project, creating a photogrammetric model may require a couple of hundred to several thousand individual images. This is why drones are usually the most economical way to take all the aerial photographs you need to create these types of measurements.

We serve everyone

Real estate

Sell faster when you enhance your listings with professional aerial photos and videos of your properties.

Roof inspections

Comprehensive roof inspections, allowing for detailed analysis and identification of potential problems.

Construction site progression

Inspect, track, map and manage your construction site with maps, 3D models and drone photography.


Increase performance and reduce costs with images and data collected by drones. Actionable reports on agriculture.


Enhance the quality and creativity of your video productions. Capture stunning aerial footage, bringing unique and captivating perspectives to any film project.


Enhance your event with drone services that capture stunning aerial images and provide a unique perspective that will leave a lasting impression.

Travel, sport and tourism

To get these views, a helicopter and camera crew would need to be hired. It's never been so affordable until now! The aerial images we can capture are absolutely stunning.


Use drones for solar surveys, panel installation mapping, and aerial imaging for inspections.

Real State
$ 180 Photo & Video
20 Images HD
5 Aerial Images (Free)
90 Minutes of production
1 Minute video
Aerial Photography
$ 150 Photos
Up to 2,000 SqFt
HDR Photos
Area Photos
Drone Services
$ 300 Photo & Video
High Resolution
Land Aerial Video and Photo
1-2 Minutes Edited Video

Delivery time:
Next-Day Delivery Except Weekends (Next Monday)

Photos delivered with 4096 x 3072 pixels and videos at 3840 x 2160 resolution.

Easy Google Drive Delivery:
Convenient email delivery with Google Drive for easy download.

Additional charges may be applied depending on property size, location and flight restrictions.

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We are fully qualified and certified, our dedication to maintaining the highest standards.

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